Final Fantasy IV – Free Enterprise an open world randomizer romhack for Final Fantasy IV for the SNES (originally released in English as Final Fantasy II).
Current version: v0.2.14 (November 11 2018) (changelog)

Visit the FF4FE Discord for info on community races and misc discussion of all things Free Enterprise!

In Free Enterprise, you are given the airship at the beginning of the game, and you may complete whatever quests are available to you in any order. Further, the Pass opens a passage in Toroia that will take you directly to Zeromus, whenever you are ready to defeat him.

Additional options allow for randomization of key items, characters, treasures, shops, and more.

There are some important gameplay changes from the original game to note; the NPCs in the training room cover the essentials, and a full detailed list of Free Enterprise's changes can be found here.

1. Upload ROM
Please provide an unheadered ROM of Final Fantasy II, US version 1.1, uncompressed:

(To play Free Enterprise, you must provide your own rom to be patched; this website does not host roms, and does not store or cache any roms you generate.)
2. Select Preset
You may select a preset to load a predefined combination of randomizer flags, if desired. Either way, you will be able to review all flag selections in step 3, and customize them further as you like.
No randomization, just the open world non-linearization.
Shuffles existing game content in place; provides a lightly randomized experience.
Controlled randomization, balanced for a challenging playthrough.
High degree of randomization, permitting free access to all but the most overpowered items.
Very high degree of randomization, permitting the most powerful items to freely appear.
League Qualifiers
Qualifier round flags for the FF4FE League (J2KC2T4S3BF2NE3$X2Y2GWZ).
League Matches
League match flags for the FF4FE League (JK2PCT3S2BF2NE3X2Y2GZ).
Quick Custom
Enter a custom flag string:
3. Review Flags
(Flag settings in red are considered "hard" settings and are not recommended for new players.)

This is the flag string for this randomization. Copy and save this text if you wish to easily reapply this combination of flags for future randomizations.
4. Set Seed (optional)
You may specify a seed for the random number generator, if desired. Your seed may be a number (up to 8 digits) or a word of up to 8 letters.

Copy this link's address to share your flag and seed configuration.

5. Submit
This operation may take some time; please be patient.