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To play Free Enterprise, you must provide your own uncompressed ROM of Final Fantasy II, US version 1.1. Please ensure you have this file ready.

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When given the Legend Sword and the Adamant, Kokkol the Smith forges the Crystal instead of the Excalibur. (Conversely, the Excalibur is found in the key item pool instead of the Crystal.)

You win the game when you complete the Giant of Bab-il.



The locations of key items are shuffled amongst each other. For example, you may find the Magma Key in the Antlion's Nest instead of the Sandruby.

The items randomized this way are the Package, SandRuby, Legend Sword, Baron Key, TwinHarp, Earth Crystal, Magma Key, Tower Key, Airship Hook, Luca Key, Dark Crystal, Pink Tail, Rat Tail, Pan, Spoon, Adamant, and the Crystal used to transform Zeromus (yes, you have to find it.)

Key items may be awarded by the Sylphs, the king and queen of the Feymarch, Odin's throne, and Cave Bahamut.

Key items may be awarded by the bosses of the Lunar Subterrane.

Normally, you are guaranteed a path to the underworld that does not require first going to the moon. This flag removes that check.

Passes are placed in three random treasure chests (not on the moon).


Characters join your party in the same places as the original game, but the character you meet there is randomized. For example, you may encounter Yang in the Watery Pass instead of Tellah.

Normally, the randomizer will try to include every eligible character in the game at least once. This flag removes that logic, meaning some eligible characters may not appear.

Note that if Cn is enabled, you may end up with less than five.

If a duplicate character tries to join your party, instead nothing happens.

Dismissed characters can be retrieved in the Mysidia crystal room and atop the Tower of Wishes.

Instead of Fire1, Rydia will learn a random summon spell at Mt. Hobs (other than Leviatan or Bahamut).


Treasure contents are the same as in original FF4, but their positions are shuffled.

Trapped chests are relocated to another treasure chest/pot within the same dungeon.


The same items are available for sale in shops as in original FF4, but their locations are shuffled.

Normally, the randomizer guarantees Life potions (and StarVeils, under Ji) are readily available, and that Cure2/3 potions are available in seeds without white mages. This flag removes those checks.


The positions of bosses are shuffled. Boss stats are roughly scaled to match the battle it's replacing. For example, Rubicant in the Watery Pass would have the HP and speed of Octomamm. (Yes, this flag is janky, and a MegaNuke is still a MegaNuke. Save often.)

Normally, you are guaranteed a path to the underworld that does not require defeating the most difficult bosses. This flag removes that check.

Usually, what you get is better than a MegaNuke. Usually.


Fusoya begins with only a random selection of low-level spells, and 500 HP.

Each boss defeated will grant Fusoya three new spells and 100 more HP, to a maximum of 1400 total bonus HP. (Bosses defeated before finding Fusoya still count towards this progress.)

Characters will not join your party in the Watery Pass, Damcyan, Mysidia, or Mt. Ordeals.

Edward in Toroia will not give you a key item. Instead, a key item may be earned from Rydia's mom in Mist, who will appear after you have found and defeated the Mist Dragon.

All boss battle enemies have the "boss bit" set.

The alternate win conditions are removed from the D.Knight, Karate, K/Q.Eblan, and WaterHag fights.


Encounters can be enabled/disabled from the in-game Custom menu.

Applies the setting above to the TrapDoor fights in the Sealed Cave and the forced Behemoth fights in Cave Bahamut.

Back attacks and "Surprised!" encounters will still occur, even when encounters are disabled via Et or Ex.

Earned experience points are not divided among your party members; each character receives the full amount (but must be alive at the time to receive them).

After collecting 10 key items, earned EXP is doubled.

In a full party, characters at comparatively low levels receive more EXP.

Bosses and trapped chest fights still award EXP.


The glitches explicitly referenced here are disabled by default; setting these flags enables them to act as they do in original FF4. Glitches not mentioned here remain intact and available.

Agility always scales based on party order, regardless if Cecil is present.

Adamant Armors are not available. Trading the Pink Tail in the Adamant Grotto instead grants a strong item.


Use alternate palettes for the party's battle sprites.

Enables the April Fools Day 2019 mode.

Randomizes Zeromus's battle sprite. (His behavior and stats are unchanged.)

Set Seed (optional)

You may specify a seed for the random number generator, if desired. Your seed may be a number (up to 10 digits) or a word of up to 10 letters:


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