Embedded Metadata

Each randomized Free Enterprise ROM contains a small embedded JSON document describing its basic metadata. The length of this document is specified at address 0x1FF000 as a little-endian 32-bit integer, and the JSON document (encoded in utf-8) follows immediately after.

Seed Generation API

There is an API for programmatically generating seeds from the website, however it requires an API key to access and is currently restricted to developers working on support software for FE community races.

MSU-1 Support

Free Enterprise supports custom MSU-1 soundtracks. The process of setting up your ROM/emulator/cart with a custom soundtrack is outside the scope of this document, but for those who wish to build soundtrack lists, the following table indicates which track numbers correspond to which songs. (Note that fade-in and fade-out of MSU-1 tracks is not supported.)

Track No. Song
0 None (FF4 uses song 0 to mean "stop music")
1 Prologue
2 Tower of Wishes
3 (unused fanfare)
4 Yellow Chocobo
5 Black Chocobo
6 Underworld
7 Zeromus Battle
8 Victory Fanfare
9 Town
10 Rydia's Theme
11 Decisive Battle
12 Mountain
13 Overworld
14 Big Whale
15 Sad Music ("Cry In Sorrow")
16 Sleep
17 Golbez's Theme
18 Edward's Theme (will not be played on MSU-1)
19 Rosa's Theme
20 Baron Castle
21 Prelude
22 "Somewhere In The World"
23 Tower of Bab-il
24 Airship
25 Tower of Zot
26 Boss Battle
27 Giant of Bab-il / Lunar Core
28 Sylph Cave / Feymarch
29 Destruction
30 Lunar Path
31 Surprise
32 Dwarf Castle
33 Palom & Porom's Theme
34 Calbrena Music
35 "Hurry!"
36 Cid's Theme
37 Cave
38 Dancer Music
39 Battle
40 Damcyan / Eblan
41 Character Joined
42 Character Died
43 Chocobo Forest
44 Cecil / Red Wings (fade-in start)
45 "Suspicions"
46 Fabul
47 Long Fanfare (eg. became a paladin)
48 Fat Chocobo
49 Moon
50 Toroia Castle
51 Mysidia
52 Lunar Subterrane
53 Ending Part 1
54 Ending Part 2
55 End Credits