Final Fantasy IV – Free Enterprise
Detailed Notes

This page provides detailed information about the gameplay changes and randomization effects of Free Enterprise. A summary of the most important information can be found by talking to the NPCs in the Training Room.


Gameplay additions



Party Members


Variants (V flag)

Japanese Content (J flag)

Key Item Randomization (K flag)

Pass (P flag)

Character Randomization (C flag)

Treasure Randomization (T flag)

Shop Randomization (S flag)

Boss Randomization (B flag)

Fusoya Challenge (F flag)

"No Free Lunch" Challenge (N flag)

Encounters (E flag)

Experience Acceleration (X flag)

Money ($ flag)

Turbo (Y flag)

"Glitchless" (G flag)

Why Burn? (W flag)

Zeromus (Z flag)

Edward's Harp


The changelog is now available here.


Free Enterprise was developed by b0ardface, using additional code by Myself086 and Crow (who himself has developed a great FF4 randomizer, The Lunarian Shuffle, which is what got me into romhacking).

Special thanks goes out to: